Corporate Champions PROGRAM 

With Debbie Muir, one of Canada's all-time coaches, Mark offers The Great Traits Corporate Champions Program - Inspired by the world of sport, this program distils Mark and Debbie's vast experience into high-performance traits for the corporate world. Great Traits teaches leadership from three points of view:  individual, team, and future-impact.  


The Corporate Champions Program runs

12 weeks.  2 1/2 Live days. Self- guided in between. 3 Assessments. 3 Levels of Course work. 12 Assignments. 4 Zoom calls. 1 One-on-one Coaching session. Come experience the most unique and effective leadership training being offered in the market.  No case studies.  Just applied high-performance leadership training. Your workplace is your training ground.

Accomplish great things

Enable and empower others

Impact the broader world